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If you are a trekkie I know you'll love this little project.

//Have fun!


Grappa Art

Grappa Art is Cool!
I don't know what Grappa is, and I don't care. It looks cool. Check out the site to see what I'm talking about. I like the Grappa White, it's purdy.

Thanks to groovehouse for showing me this link. Check out his blog. Groove and I both listen to a radio program in Houston called Technology Bytes. It's one of the best call-in tech shows around.

Wednesdays from 8-10PM Central
Houston area: 90.1 FM
Galvaston: 89.5 FM


Groove and I are are regulars on the Geek Radio IRC:

server: irc.cuckoo.com
channel/room: #techbytes

or click here.

Hope to see yoo on the IRC Wednesday! Before that you can check out the forums.


Free Router

Ok, if you love great tech deals and free stuff you'll love this.

The only drawback is the rebate, but hey, its still $0. Even if you don't need it you can sell it on Ebay and rip somebody off.


Bling Bling

You know you're a geek if you think this is "off da hook"



Zip Codes

Wow! This site is amazing. (Amazing for all of us geeks out there.) It pinpoints any US zipcode that you type in. Its very impressive.

Have fun with it!



Sorry for the lack of post recently. My schedule has been pretty busy. I've decided to do a couple Mac posts shortly. I've been doing a lot of PC, Gmail, and General tech stuff and believe its time to get to the good stuff.

I finially got iLife '04 on Thursday. GarageBand is AWSOME!!! I haven't even played with iMovie or iPhoto yet. iTunes 4 has been out as a download for a while so it was nothing new.

I am a GarageBand fanatic. It's so fun to create your own songs with minimal effort. The hardest part is having to deal with an older mac (eMac 700Mhz, 256mb ram) However, it does get the job done. I'm supprised it working as well as it is. I expected it to crash all the time and bog down too. This hasn't been the case, yet.

If you don't know what GarageBand is, it is a loop/MIDE editor. It comes loaded with a ton of loops and sounds. Apples developers have made it super easy for anyone to put together a little song. The loops fit together very nicely.

GarageBand can also be used to record backup tracks for your original song. You can record your guitar and voice into GarageBand, then add drums, bass, and extras. You can even sing a harmony to yourself.

I have been making a bunch of songs over the past two days. Here are some of the songs I've composed. Feel free to download them and do whatever you want to them. Also if you don't mind, give me some feedback on how you liked them. Just leave it in the comments.

Download my songs here.

If you haven't already picked up GarageBand, and you have a Mac, don't wait any longer. The whole iLife '04 package which includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand. All of this only costs $50. In my view each program seperately cold sell for $50. iLife is a steal!

If you have made any cool GarageBand songs lately?



For the fastest person:



FireFox 1.0 PR

Hey FIREFOX 1.0 is here!!!!!!!

I strongly urge you to give it a chance. FireFox is the best PC browser I've ever used. (And its not shabby on the mac, although i still prefer safari)

After you download it, help spread the word.


Gmail: I have been given a Gmail invite to give away by a person I hooked up with Gmail. They wanted to "share the wealth" with the blog's readers. Sooo, here you go:



FreeGmailAccounts .info

Here is another random number generator to give away Gmail invites.

UPDATE: Here is a more complete listing of Gmail sources (most are number generators)

Dont forget about:

Good Luck

Free Gmail Accounts:

Windows XP SP2

I've done it. I finially decided to update my PC with SP2. I was holding off for a while because I wanted to see if it was going to cause a lot of problems. So far I have had good luck.

Service Pack 2 does have some needed improvements. It has many more security features than SP1. We'll just have to wait and see if Microsoft fixed any of the security flaws or just make more :-)

If you have been holding off downloading SP2 I think its safe now. Just make sure to do the following things to help the process not screw up your computer as easily.

1. If your installiation of XP is pretty old (time its been on HD > 1.5 or 2 years) I reccomend doing a clean install of XP, THEN installing SP2

2. Make a backup of all your important data just in case.


Not all programs will work with SP2. Here is a list from Microsoft. I think this only affects server programs, but I'm not sure.

OK, I hope this helps. You can either download SP2 or get a FREE installation CD from Microsoft.

Good Luck!!!

P.S. Notice I added some new blogs to the sidebar. Check out Trevor Kirpaul's. It's a great site!


Gmail Links

OK, get them while they last.

UPDATE: They are all gone. Check back later for more.



Free .info Domains

Need a domain? Need it free? Here is you solution:DomainSite

Just select your domain name of choice and only check the .info checkbox. After that it's easy. Have fun.

Get the one you want while it lasts!