d MacSpot: October 2004


iPod Photo

In case you haven't heard yet, Apple released the iPod Photo today. Its an iPod that has a nice color screen and it allows you to view pictures, album art, and watch slideshows. Its pretty cool. Also you can watch the pics on a TV using video out. This new iPod comes in 40GB and 60GB the prices are $499 and &599.

Also be sure to check out the special edition U2 iPod.

If you like the different colors of the U2 iPod check out colorware. They will paint your current iPod or iBook almost any color you want.

I like the black!



Apple upgrades its Hardware

Apple has up graded its iBook line, again. Also it added a single G5 Processor for the Power Mac.

Check it out


r u 1337?

Don't have a l33t hacker name? Have no fear.

Hacker Name Generator

+Echo Worm {MacMan}


Google Desktop Search

Wow, Another cool Google program. This program, Google Desktop Search, searches your files and folders on your local computer. Its pretty cool. Just download it and let it index your system.

Happy Searching!

Monkey Shakespeare

What has the internet come to...?

Monkey Shakespeare



60 GB iPod w/Color Screen???

Could it be true! Will the next iPod sport a 60 GB hard drive and a nice color screen...? Only time will tell.




If you like to IM and you hate having to log in to each service individually, or you dont like having so many different programs running at the same time. Trillian is a 3rd party IM client that allows you to log into AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and YAHOO Messenger, at the SAME time. It logs you into each service useing one program. The interface is the same for each client you are useing. I reccomend Trillian as an alternative to haveing to keep up with all your IM clients at the same time.