d MacSpot: January 2005


I'm back

Sorry I havent posted in a while. Macworld was a big deal this year with the introduction of the MacMini and the iPod Shuffle. If you havent heard of either product i pity you. READ MORE. So, that being said Im not going to do an aritlce on them. You can however check out apple or another mac news site to get the details.

Update: GrooveHouse, using a KVM is the way to go. I think that was Apple's plan when they included no monitor, mouse, or keyboard. Make sure the mouse/keyboard is USB and you'll be fine.


Macworld Expo Keynote

On Tues. 1.11.05, Steve Jobs will deliever the keynote at the upcomming conference. This year their will be no live feed, but you can see the recorded keynote here at 6PM PST. I'll be posting on all the new products that are relesed.

Lets hope that iHome rumor is true!

Rumor Recap:

We can only pray



Pandemonium is a new blog that I contribute to. It was just recently set up by a friend at school who is into tech/programming. Pandemonium is split into 5 different sites.

and the Main Page.

I encourage everyone to check it out. I'm a contributer on the Technology and Programming sites. Hope to see you guys on there!



Gmail Giveaway Frenzy

Ok, Here is the deal. I have 30+ Gmail invitations to give to anyone who wants them. Tell your family tell your friends tell whom ever you want. I'll give them one. My one request is that if you already have a Gmail account don't be greedy, otherwise DIGG IN!!!

Here is how to get one.
1. Leave a comment with your name and email address so i can send it to you.
2. Send me an email at macspot@gmail.com and ill hook you up.

Merry Belated Christmas
Viva Gmail!!