d MacSpot: January 2006


How to Embed Google Video

This is just a follow up post on embedding video. I decided to use Google Video this time.

Systm Episode 1

Steps for uploading video:
1. Download the Google Video Uploader here.
2. Upload your video to your Google account.
3. Allow Google to verify your video.

Steps for adding video to website:
1. Go to the page the video is on and click the "Put on Site" link
2. Copy the code to your website.

Using Google video is nice because it generates all the code you need for adding the video, it stores the video on their server so you don't have to, and it already has a huge database of video that you can add to your site for free.


How to Embed Quicktime Movies

All over the web I'm seeing more and more embedded video on websites. This is a really nice add-on that gives your site just a little more of the cool factor.

1. Find a video. Any short quicktime movie will do. Remember, try to keep file size small.
2. Use this code on your website:

< src="sample.mov" width="320" height="256">< /embed>
(Remove the " " just before "embed" and before the "/embed" when copying and pasting.)

3. Replace "sample.mov" with your movie file (either absloute or relative URL)
4. Set height and width to desired values. (Add 16px to the height so that the play/pause controller will show up.)

That's It!

There are several varibles that can also be set such as autoplay and start time. Check out everything shown here and more at Apple's tutorial page.


If you want to download and save the embeded movies from a website, read my how to.