d MacSpot: December 2004


Sub $500 Mac

Wow, I hope this is true. Apple might be releasing a very cheap mac at the upcoming expo.


This would appeal to PC users who want to have a mac but dont want to spend a lot of money. It wont come with a display, but will be able to be hooked up to a monitor.

The new Mac is expected to have a Combo drive only, but will possibly have an upgrade path to a SuperDrive at a higher price. It is unclear how big the hard drive capacity will be, although sources indicate it will be between 40GB and 80GB.

Other expected features of the iMac include:

* 256MB of RAM
* USB 2.0
* FireWire 400
* 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
* 56K V.92 modem
* AirPort Extreme support

This is only a rumor, but wouldnt it be nice to have a bunch more mac users out there


Coke or Soda or Pop?

Wow, somebody had fun doing this...

I wonder if they have tried this yet?

Coke, Soda or Pop?
Let me know in the comments.

+MacMan (Coke)

Monopoly Goes Hardcore

I LOVE Monopoly, but I think this maybe going a little too far.

Do not pass GO, do not collect $200!


Enigma Machine

Have no life...? Try this.


iPod Flash

What would you say to a flash-based iPod with no screen and only a 256mb - 1gb storage capacity...? At first you may say this has nothing on the iPod or even the iPod mini. Well, you're wrong. Its got a GREAT price at about $100. I want to make known that this iPod is not out yet, but it could be seen in the near future.

All we can do is wait...



This is a brand new site released by one of Kevin Rose's friends. Its pretty interesting. Be sure to check the FAQ. The way the site works is users submit stories. Other users "dig" through these links and "dig up" what they like. The links that get dug uo the most get shown on the main page. Its a great community to find all sorts of cool stuff on the web.

Another site similar to this is del.icio.us
Fark is another user submitted news site, but digg has more tech news and is therefore better.