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There is a new browser in town and its called Flock. It's based on Firefox and has some pretty nifty features. I'm posting this right now using a built in blogging feature in flock. I wish Firefox had this feature. I'd be much more inclined to post if it were this quick. Enjoy!

What's the idea behind Flock?
We believe that it should be easy for everyone to contribute to and participate on the web. To that end, we've started with integrating tools that make it easier to blog, publish your photos and share and discover things that are interesting to you.

Who should use it?
Flock is currently available only as a developer preview. This means that you can try it out but that it's not quite ready to become your everyday browser.Expect a more stable, public beta by the end of the year. If you want to see what we're working on for that release, take a look at our public beta roadmap.

Ok, so where can I download Flock?
You can grab the latest release from our developer page or, if you're even more brave, help test hourly builds.

Update: After doing a little searching, I found an extension for Firefox which allows me to highlight text and choose to "blog this". It allows me to bypass the big, klunky blogger interface.
Download Blog This (compatible with Firefox 1.5)



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