d MacSpot: March 2005



This is just one of the reasons that I LOVE Google sooo much.

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Google, Van Gogh, Starry Night, it all works out...



Griffin, one of the leaders in iPod accessories, has released a new product called the iVault.

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This little iPod shuffle case is manufactured out of aluminium, sweet. This is by far one of the coolest iPod cases I have ever seen. At only $30, Griffin will be sure to sell a ton of these things.



FireFox 1.0.2

Mozilla released the newest upgrade to the best web browser in the world, FireFox.

Why use FireFox?
1. Its free
2. Its fast
3. Its secure
4. Its not from the devil which is Microsoft



New Look

I've decided to change the way that the site looks. Any suggestions you have would be nice.
Check out the new digg.com sidebar. More cool features like this will be comming.