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My eyes have been opened and I have seen the Skype. Skype is a free program that a person can use to chat over the internet. You can use skype as a fully functional VOIP service, or just use a headset and talk over the computer.

I said Skype was free, and it is for the most part. To be able to use more advanced features you have to pay, but the basic chat service is free.

Skype is basically an instant messenger for voice. Most IM clients support voice, but the quality of Skype is great! Just download skype, create an account, and add friends. It's simple.

You need a mike to use skype for what its intended. Any computer mike will do, but for really good sound quality invest in a nice headset. I bought the Logitech Internet Chat Headset and I Love it. Its comfortable, sounds great and its reasonably priced.

One thing Skype leaves out of the free version is an answering machine. This can easily be fixed by downloading SAM. Sam is a free, fully functional answering machine program that everyone who uses Skype should have.

Skype works on Mac and PC so don't worry about not cross platform compatibility.

Get Skype For Windows
Get Skype For Mac
Get Skype For Linux
Get Skype For PocketPC

Let me know if you get Skype set up, or are already using it.


How to save almost any media file in Firefox

Don't you hate coming across a great video or audio file on the web, but you aren't given the option to download it. These embedded files can be tricky get, but Firefox has a feature built right in that makes it a breeze.

1. In Firefox, go to any website that has an embedded media file you want to download. (In our case a flash file .swf)
2. Right-click on the page and select "view page info".
3. Click on the Media Tab.
4. Scroll through the list until you find the file you want (it will probably be of type embedded.)
5. Then click the save as button and you got it. (To run a flash object, just open it in a web browser.)

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For the complete guide visit inner.geek.



Apple Releases Mulit-Function Mouse

Apple FINALLY gave in to the pressure to make a multi-function mouse. With the new "Mighty Mouse" you can right/left click, scroll 360 degrees, and program other buttons. Apple didn't sacrifice design for functionality, they accomplished both.

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For $49 you can buy one of these new mice for OSX or XP. Yes, the mouse will work with Windows XP.




Ever want to make a shirt that says just want you want? Well, NeighborHoodies makes this process a breeze. You can make shirts, hoodies, bags, pants, and even stuff for kids. You've gotta check this site out just to look at some of the shirts people have made.

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What would your shirt say?

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