d MacSpot: June 2004



In case you have been living under a rock recently Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is starting tommorrow June 28, 2004. Steve Jobs is planned to preview the newest version of OSX, Tiger.

It is also rumored that he will upgrade the LCD displays. If we are lucky we may see a G5 in an iMac or PowerBook. We can only hope...

UPDATE: The new displays are here. The 20, 23 and 30 in!!!! And yes you can connect two 30" displays together for a grand total of 8 million pixcels!! Also many new and cool features of Tiger were shown in the keynote.



New Links

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For everyone who is still interested in a Gmail account check out the Gmail Machine link on the right. The Gmail machine is like a Gmail lottery. The machine randomly generates a number every time you click the refresh button. The object is to "hit" the number 1337. If you are lucky enough to do this you will recieve a brand new never been used Gmail invite. Props to Scott and Kevin for the great idea.



Gmail Account

I have Gmail!!!

Just the other day I recieved a Gmail invite from j vizcarra (www.organizedconfusion.com.ph). Thanx!!

So you might ask how "How does this concern me?" Here is how. As soon as Google sends me some invites I will give some away right here on this blog. Yes YOU could win a FREE Gmail account.

If you have any suggestions on how I should give the invites away please leave a comment.

I look foward to making one or more of you very very happy.

Be sure to keep checking the blog and looking for Gmail invites!



Airport Express

Apple recently released a new product to its line of wireless accessories. AirPort Express is a great looking product. It allows you to stream your entire iTunes collection to your stereo system. Also you can use it to expand your already existing wireless network or use it as a wireless bridge. The coolest feature of the AirPort Express is its ability to connect a printer to your network via USB. Now thats cool!

Hopefully i can get my hands on one to test soon.


I love Macs

Hey guys. Welcome to Mac House. This is the place to be for mac news and conmments. I decided to create this blog for all the nmac users out there. We need a place where we can voice our opinion about computers and technology. I'm just getting underway so check back soon for updates.