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Here's another music related post for ya. I just stumbled across a program called Tunatic. Tunatic analyzes the music playing through your sound card and returns the song name and artist to you. It doesn't matter if the sound is comming from iTunes or a microphone. It just works. Its a little creepy when it is able to correctly identify your music.

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Tunatic does have a few bugs though. The main problem is it has a limited music database. By downloading a program called Tunalyzer, users can help increase the size of the database. So, if you are listening to a popular band such as Green Day, you should have few problems matching songs. However, if you are listening to a more obscure band, don't expect Tunatic to get it right everytime, if even at all.

Download Tunatic: Mac Windows



At 12:42 PM, Blogger Ozir said...

Hey MacMan,

Happy Holidays!

Check out Last.FM. I just discovered it last night and it's a pretty cool music social website.

Here's my profile:

Check out my blog and you can see in the upper-right of the sidebar a list of music I'm playing.

Similar concept to Pandora.

Check it out.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Сергей Денисов said...

Welcome to russian Tunatic site



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