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If you like to IM and you hate having to log in to each service individually, or you dont like having so many different programs running at the same time. Trillian is a 3rd party IM client that allows you to log into AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and YAHOO Messenger, at the SAME time. It logs you into each service useing one program. The interface is the same for each client you are useing. I reccomend Trillian as an alternative to haveing to keep up with all your IM clients at the same time.




At 6:14 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

Trillian is a good program. At first it may seem confusing, and the UI looks a little yester-year, but it gets the job done in a good fashion.

I have always looked for a good plug-in for AIm, and I have found two GOOD free ones.

The first is AIMutaion, and it provides a skinned AIM UI. The ability to remove those unwanted AIM ads adn to talk whiles away is a big +. The second, and my favorite, is MiddleMan. TI is just like AIMutaion without the skinnage. Also, it implements a concept whre you would type in "/away I am not here". The command is "/away" and the "I am not here" would be the message. This is how you would set up an away message. It is a very nifty little idea.

As for the links, AIMutaion can be found at:

You might need to downgrade to use it, but the smart folks at AIMutation have the previous versions of AIM ready to dl. This is also very helpful, because the latest AIM is garbage, IMHO.

For MiddleMan go to:

You also might have to downgrade, so just go to AIMutation and get the older ver. from there. I am not shure is Krunchsoftware provides the older ver, but I like their program better.

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Rik said...

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