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System Countdown Clock

Scopetech just posted about the release date of Systm. It'c comming out 5/23/05 at 8PM PST. If you sign up for the newsletter you can download it 1 hour earlier. Systm is going to be similar to theBroken, but more like the old The Screen Savers. I can't wait!

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Also in the way of TSS, Kevin Rose, and online technology content, This Week in Tech is a new PodCast put out by all the old TechTV guys.

Leo, Kevin, Pat, Yoshi, Robert, and Dvorak are all onboard on the project. The just released episode 5 today. TWIT was #1 on PodCast Alley this week, so check it out.

The best way to enjoy TWIT, download some PodCast software. Then listen to it on your computer, iPod, non-iPod player, or cd.

Mac - iPodderX

Multi-Platform - iPodder



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