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Long Time No Post

Hey again,
Sorry I haven't been posting very often. My schedule just got tighter with school starting. I should have a new post comming up soon talking about using the Ken Burn's Effect in iMovie to make still pictures come to life. Keep an eye out for that.

I also want to welcome the new readers of MacSpot. I noticed that the counter has been busy lately and I love to see it. If you have any questions/comments feel free to post or email me at


Because I don' t want this post to go completly tech free get this. I just bought a new Sandisk Cruzer Mini 256mb for $35 (After $10 mail-in rebate and some instant savings) at CompUSA. I love it. ConMan has had one for a while and he loves his too. It is very handy and also looks a lot better than most of the other thumbdrives on the market. If you need or want a thumbdrive check out this one.

Also check out the new FireFox link on the side. If you don't already run FireFox or another form of Mozilla I strongly encourage you to switch. Why not, its free?



At 7:47 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

Firefox is a great web browser, and it works on every site that I go to. Just make sure you download an extension, (tools, extension, then click the link at the bottom right labeled "Get More Extensions"), that enables you to use mouse gestures. If you have not used mouse gestures yet, they help you do certain comands by just clicking the mouse. One example is the go backwards to a previous site. To go back, just click the right button, then the left button. This will make the browser act as if you clicked the back button. Very cool an useful.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Trevor said...

Spymac is a great place for forums and polls. Their are many paople there who know all about Macs and all the breaking news in the world of Macs and PCs. The Mail is not as good as G-mail, and sometimes the site bogs down. Other than that, it is an awesome web page.

And about Kerry, you are the second person from Texas to say that. In Virginia we have our share of Republicans, Democrats, and REpublicans that hate Bush. If I could vote, Bush would get a +1 from me.


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