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iPod Linux

Have you ever wondered if you could acutally run an OS from your iPod hard drive. Well, now you can.

Linux for the iPod is a very cool thing. One of its purposes is to allow the iPod to play a variety of other music formats such as Ogg Vorbis.

You might ask

What applications can it run?

In theory most applications that run on uClinux can run on the iPod however there are important limitations;

  • The iPod does not have a FPU (floating point unit) so things like mpg123 won't run too nicely. Integer based versions of MP3 players however are available and will run.
  • The frame buffer does not support mmap() so X11 would not run.
  • Since we are running on uClinux the fork() system call is not supported (vfork() however is available).

  • A few good things about Linux on the iPod is that you will not lose any data on the iPod should you choose to install Linux. Also it has a built in boot loader which will allow you to choose between Linux and Apple's Firmware after you reset the iPod.

    You should be able to run this on all iPods except the mini and G4. (This may only be temporary.)

    Be sure to read the FAQ to get general knowledge and help.

    In reality Linux on your iPod doesn't improve its functionality too much, but it sure is cool...



    At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cool indeed!

    At 2:07 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

    I read abou this in macworld. It had two other add-ons you could run, one of them being a script to change the battery indicator from graphical to a number based sytem. 500 would reprresent a full charge, 0 would be empty. I never had a chance to test it on my ipod, b/c my system is running on jaguar, it required the black cat to fully function. Linux on the ipod sounds cool, but Macworld magazine neglected to inform its reader that you would have a dual OS, and you can choose what to boot up with. I alo saw that they released the itrip for the ipod mini, it looks good and fits it with virtually no creases.


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