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New iPods are Here

Apple has done it. As rummored they have released the new 4G iPods. They look similar to the iPod minis but have the storage capacity and overall size as the 3g iPods. If you already own a 3G iPod dont run out and buy one of these. Your iPod is basically the same. However, if you are running an older iPod or are new to the iPod community, you should definately take a look at the 4G models. The price per GB is now lowered:

20GB costs $299
$14.95 per GB

40GB costs $399
$9.975 per GB

This is a great deal compared to the 3G iPods.

If you dont want to spend the money for the latest and greatest check out Amazon and pick up a 3G 15GB iPod for $249. Be sure to add a filler item item to be qualified for a $50 off you next purchase coupon. A filler is an item that will "fill" the price so it will hit the $250 mark. This is a great deal so jump on it while it still lasts.



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