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Doom 3

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science"
- Einstein

Doom 3 officially came out Aug. 4 for the PC and I of course rushed off to Best Buy after work to try and buy a copy. I was successful but it wasn't until today that I got a chance to play. The visuals in this game are amazing, easy the best I've seen. The music is awesome as well. Seems there are fewer weapons compared to games like UT 2k4 and I was alittle disappointed in the few types of multiplayer games (no CTF). I thought about what game to compare it to, to help describe it to a friend but I couldn't. It really isn't like CounterStrike, UT, FarCry, or Halo. It is an awesome game but so far (I am still in the beginning) it is pretty much going down one-way corridors and shooting stuff. I don't feel the skill demands compared to some of the above listed games. But still a great game, I suggest everyone buying it to try or playing on a friends or something. I paid $55 for mine, which is alittle high, so I suggest if you don't want to pay this just wait for it to go down.

On a more mac note, Doom 3 is being developed or converted for both the Mac and Linux but I haven't heard anything about when. Id Software seems to want to do a good job so isn't rushing this. It should also be out or coming out for the Xbox, I think.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

hmmmm, this guy at a Spymac forum was talking about how much this game sucked, and he said that he beat it in a short time. A lot of people replied speak against this, but some replied agreeing. I have no intention of buying it, halo is enough for me. How is multi-player?


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